Texas Floor Covering Star
Texas Floor Covering Star

Occupied Space Installation

Installing floors in occupied spaces is quick and painless with Texas Floor Covering, Inc.
When installing floors in occupied spaces, we take special care to make you feel like you've never had a contractor in your office.

Each time we perform work in an office or other occupied space, we take special care to make you feel like you've never had a contractor in your office. We achieve this by using a unique approach that our customers love.

Green Boxes

A week before installation, we deliver large green storage tubs to your office for you to place all of your desktop and loose items in, as well as any files from cabinets over four drawers high. You can use as many as you need to keep everything organized, so you know just where to find it when you return to your office. We will pick them up one week after the installation is complete.

Furniture and Finishing Touches

When working with an occupied space, we take the time to measure exactly where everything is in the room. That way when we are done, everything can be put back exactly where it was. Our crews have extensive experience and all the necessary tools to move furniture with ease, including modular furniture. The Monday following completion of every occupied job, two of our men will return to the job site to meet with the client and adjust any furniture that might be slightly off and ensure complete satisfaction.

During the installation, our professional installers will not be found eating or drinking anything except water on the job site. They will also not have music playing, which can be a distraction for anyone in the area during the installation process.

Our team of installers thoroughly vacuum each and every job after installation, rechecking every square inch of our work, leaving your space perfectly clean. We also do a complete debris check after the fact, not just in the spaces we are working in, but in the entire building that we may have passed through, such as parking garages, elevators, stair wells, restrooms and corridors.

You can rest assured that your space will look impeccable when we leave.